Reverend Daryl Sam is a husband, father of three and Pastor at Monaco Christian Fellowship. After over 30 years of pastoral ministry, he and his wife Birgit happily arrived in Monaco in 2018 and make their home just north of the principality in Beausoleil, France.

Administrative Council

An administrative Council works alongside Pastor Daryl to ensure the smooth and timely running of the practical aspects of church life.

Linda Bull is the President of the Administrative Council. In her 20 years as a member of MCF she has served in many of the ministries from teaching in the Sunday School to searching for the new Pastor team. She has lived in Monaco for more than 30 years and attends with her three adult children.

Oliver Ramcke is our Treasurer. With a wealth of professional experience in finance, he takes care of the monetary welfare of the church including gifting and expenditure. He arrived in Monaco in 2016 and has been a happy member of MCF ever since.

Amelia Fissore is our Secretary. She takes minutes at Council meetings and ensures the smooth running of Council affairs. Having lived in Monaco for more than 30 years, she was a founding member of the church and has seen it go from strength to strength.

Arnaud Granger is our IT Manager and Social Media Co-ordinator. He organises and publicises our community events via our online channels. He has been an attender for 10 years with his wife Airine and daughter Angel who attends the Sunday School.


Music is a focal point in our church. Worship is our way of giving back to God in acknowledging His gifts to us and His greatness. We sing a blend of contemporary and traditional worship music. If you are musically talented in either singing or playing an instrument, are a regular attendee and are interested in joining a worship team, contact Pastor Daryl.


Are you an attender of MCF and a seasoned believer? Seeking to aid us in teaching Biblical truths in an engaging way to our younger generations? Please reach out to Ahn’na Hargrove to find out next steps.


We wish to make any newcomers feel welcomed and informed and believe that a warm reception into our church is key. We aim to achieve this by greeting newcomers, answering any of their questions and providing times of informal social interaction for them to become acquainted with our group. We host a ‘coffee and nibbles’ time after each service. Should you believe this ministry is a fit for you to help us in, please contact us.